Ap failed in its duty of care towards me, says parliamentary representative Apsana Begum

Ap failed in its duty of care towards me, says parliamentary representative Apsana Begum

A Labor MP has accused the party of failing its “duty of care in relation to my health and well-being”, after being off work since mid-June.

Apsana Begum, the Labor MP for Poplar and Limehouse, said in June that she would take time away from work because of the stress caused by what she called “misogynistic abuse and harassment”.

It comes as she faces a full selection process in her local constituency.

In a statement on Thursday, she said she was beginning a gradual return to work but accused her party of failing in its duty of care to her.

“I have faced a relentless and sustained campaign of abuse and harassment, which has even included vexatious court cases seeking to send me to prison,” she said.

Begum, a survivor of domestic abuse, added: “I would like to put on record the stress and damage this process has caused me and that I believe the recent triggering process was used to further the domestic violence and harassment I have suffered. already endured.

“I want to make it very clear: I will not be silent.

“As chair of the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group) on abuse and domestic violence, I believe that Labor has shown a lack of understanding in tackling domestic violence, including post-separation harassment.

“I feel a duty to all survivors of abuse to challenge what has happened. I have been contacted by women from all over the UK and locally concerned about the treatment I have received.

“I do not accept the legitimacy of a trigger ballot sunk by rule-breaking, intimidation and harassment.”

In 2021, the Labor MP was acquitted of housing fraud charges which she claimed were “driven by malicious intent”, and she described her former partner in court as “controlling and coercive”.

Begum said she has written to Labour’s general secretary David Evans, adding that she is “seeking advice and considering taking legal action”.

She added: “I am very aware that the undemocratic trauma that has been inflicted in recent months is very damaging to the party and the local people.

“It has always been clear to me that my ordeal was also due to the fact that I was elected on a socialist, anti-austerity and anti-imperialist green platform – and that I have stood by those principles and the local people regardless of the consequences.

“Labour members deserve real democratic accountability and empowerment. I have been made aware that approx. 50 complaints to the party regarding the trigger vote.

“Until the party addresses the issues at hand, particularly the treatment of local women, a fair, just, safe or democratic process cannot take place.”

Some other Labor MPs paid tribute to Begum as they welcomed her back, including former shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

He tweeted: “Very good to have you back in action in Parliament where you belong. I reiterate my call to the Labor leadership that these allegations require a serious, independent investigation, drawing on the specialist expertise required in matters such as this.

East Leeds Labor MP Richard Burgon offered Begum his support on Thursday, tweeting: “Apsana is a brave and principled inspiration.

Sam Tarry, who was recently sacked from Sir Keir Starmer’s top team, called Begum a “trailblazer and brilliant colleague”.

“Apsana is a survivor of domestic abuse who has faced a relentless campaign of harassment,” Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana said on Twitter, adding Labour’s processes were “being used against her”.

This “abuse extends to Labour’s processes being used against her”, according to an independent domestic violence advocate.

Ap has been contacted for comment.

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