Twintastic!  Gucci dresses 68 identical twins in matching style in Milan

Twintastic! Gucci dresses 68 identical twins in matching style in Milan

Sixty-eight pairs of identical twins dressed in pairs of matching catwalk adornments—two dazzling Lurex dresses with shark bite cutouts, two tailored silk ensembles embroidered with cherry blossoms, two pin-striped suits with ladylike bags—were a visual mic moment. drama that brought the house down at the Gucci show at Milan Fashion Week.

To play the show, Gucci had sent a secret scout party to Twins Day, a twin convention in Twinsburg, Ohio. The audience, split between two separate rooms, didn’t know they were watching twins until the final moments, when a screen dividing the rooms was lifted and each model joined a sibling who had walked with them throughout the show.

Looking at identical twins can feel like seeing a natural wonder in the world. Twinning is “so familiar – but so powerful”, the show’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, said after the show. Gemini, he said, reminds us of the “connective tissue” in families and in society.

“I use the runway as a theater stage, and fashion speaks strongly to ideas of difference. I know I have another side of me – I meet him when I go to my therapist. We all have a different side of us, and sometimes we meet that person, and hold hands,” said Michele. Before the show, guests were sent a Rorschach test to complete, instead of invitations, because “this show is about what you find when you dig inside yourself, so I wanted to prepare you all for that,” the designer added.

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On the catwalk, toy gremlins peeked out from elegant leather bags – because “Gremlins are little animals, but they can be mean. They are like your own fear of your evil self.” Michele’s unfettered eccentricity may seem like an unexpected fit for Italy’s biggest luxury brand, but it’s reaping dividends, as sales of more than $10 billion last year testify.

Michele dedicated the show to the women he calls his “twin mothers”. He grew up with his mother, Eralda, and her twin, his aunt Giuliana, two women so close they seemed “magically multiplied”, he said.

Another piece of catwalk theater is expected at Milan Fashion Week this weekend. The glamorous and mutually lucrative love affair between Milanese powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana and the Kardashians, pop culture’s first family, is set for a public display of affection with Kim Kardashian as the star walk at the Dolce & Gabbana show on Saturday afternoon.

Kardashian’s social media channels have teased close-ups of jeans with a ‘Kim x Dolce & Gabbana’ label, while a much-photographed visit to the designer’s headquarters in Milan by the businesswoman and model, dressed in a crystal-encrusted cat suit, has fueled rumours. of a fashion collaboration.

The longtime love affair between the Kardashians and Dolce & Gabbana became official in May when the designers hosted Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding to Travis Barker. Dolce & Gabbana dressed the bride and her family for the four-day event, during which vows were exchanged at the designers’ homes in Portofino, and guests were transported in Dolce & Gabbana-printed boats. Brand performance firm Launchmetrics estimated the wedding earned the fashion brand $25.4 million in media influence value.

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